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Earn Points with Foodservice Rewards!


For a limited time only, earn 500 bonus points on bone-in or boneless Wing Dings or Wing-Zings! Simply submit distributor invoices and the bonus points will be added to your account (good for purchases made between October 17 and November 25, 2016). There are two ways to earn points:

  • First time purchasers and operators who have not redeemed in the past 90 days receive 500 bonus points for the first case redeemed of eligible codes.
  • Current redeemers receive 100 bonus points per case up to 5 cases.

See list for eligible products. 


Wing Dings

65715 WING DINGS (Small), 15 lb case
65725 WING DINGS (Small), 25 lb case
111164 Pizza Oven WING DINGS (Small), 32 lb case
61015 WING DINGS (Medium), 15 lb case
110033 WING DINGS NO MSG (Medium), 25 lb case


60150 WING ZINGS (Small), 15 lb case
60250 WING ZINGS (Small), 25 lb case
71025 WING ZINGS (Medium), 25 lb case
60025 WING ZINGS NO MSG (Medium), 25 lb case
71015 WING ZINGS (Large), 15 lb case

Boneless Dings/Zings

111125 BONELESS WING DINGS, 10 lb case
111355 BONELESS WING ZINGS, 10 lb case



Join the largest rewards program in foodservice and start earning points towards valuable merchandise simply for buying products from hundreds of recognized brands.

Foodservice Rewards has something for everyone...and it's absolutely FREE to join and participate.

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